High Support For Illegal Alien Deportations

Former President Donald Trump’s campaign promise to carry out a large-scale deportation of millions of illegal immigrants received strong support from a large portion of the American public, according to a recent poll. The move came as many Americans have also expressed disapproval of President Joe Biden’s handling of border issues and immigration in other surveys.

According to a recent CBS News/YouGov, a majority of Americans would support an effort to deport all illegal aliens from the country. The exact number of illegal immigrants in the United States is not clear, but some estimates place the number as high as 22 million. The proposal garnered 62% support from the public.

Furthermore, support for such a plan was also supported by a number of crucial voter groups. This includes about 60% of voters in swing states. It also includes almost 40% of Democrats.

The idea also garnered the support of 74% of White Americans without a college degree. About 60% of White Americans with a college degree support the plan.

There is also significant support for a mass deportation effort among American Latinos, according to recent polling.

The results could signal particularly positive news for Trump’s 2024 campaign.

In other polls, Americans have consistently chosen Trump’s approach to the border and immigration.

The polling numbers came as more than seven million illegal immigrants are estimated to have entered the country since Biden took office in 2021. This includes more than three million attempted crossings last year, which set an all-time record.

The last month of 2023 also set a new record, with more than 300,000 illegal aliens attempting to cross the border in December.

Furthermore, many Republicans point to the decision by the Biden administration to end Trump’s Title 42 asylum policy as a key driver of illegal crossings.

Biden signed an executive order last week restricting illegal border crossings, which many elected Republicans said was not enough and that came far too late to make a major difference.