Increasing Support For Mass Deportations

An increasing share of the American public would now support a major deportation effort, according to a recent poll. The survey result came as other polls showed that a significant majority of the American public trusted former President Donald Trump over President Joe Biden on the topic of border security and illegal immigration.

According to the most recent CBS News/YouGov poll, 62% of Americans said that they would support a largescale deportation effort. Only 38% would oppose such an action.

This majority included 53% of Latino voters, while 47% were against it. Other major groups supported the effort, including 88% of Republicans and 60% of independents. Furthermore, 38% of Democrats would back such a deportation plan.

The same poll found Trump leading Biden. Other polls have shown that a large majority of Americans back Trump on a number of issues, including migration and crime.

Trump promised that if he was elected to another term in the White House, he would back a largescale deportation effort. This has been echoed by a number of other officials, including possible vice presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).

The poll also found that 62% of the public would support using local law enforcement to help carry out the deportations. This was backed by 57% of independents and 84% of Republicans.

There would also be a majority of support, at 54% from Latinos. A further 45% of Democrats would back the measure.

Last week Biden signed an executive order tightening border security. A number of congressional Republicans argued that the order did not go far enough>

The increased support for deportations came after a sharp increase in illegal immigration since Biden took office in 2021. This includes more than seven million estimated illegal alien crossings since his tenure started.

Last year saw the highest level of attempted crossings into the United States in its history. More than three million migrants attempted to cross into the country. Furthermore, this includes December 2023 when there were more than 300,000 border encounters, which also set a new all-time record.