A Florida Reporter’s Attempt to Politicize Hurricane Ian Just Backfired Big Time

Across the nation, Democrats seem to be taking glee in Hurricane Ian’s that’s rapidly approaching Florida. Left-wing columnists and even sitting congressional members are using the hurricane to take shots at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and even make underhanded remarks about climate change.

At the same time, people who actually live in Florida are having to leave their homes, deal with flooding, and prepare for the worst. Multiple airports across the Sunshine State have also completely shut down.

On Tuesday, a reporter questioning DeSantis at a press conference tried to politicize the natural disaster with false claims. However, this ended very poorly.

An Ill-advised Decision
Yesterday, the reporter speaking to the Florida governor began claiming the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) expressed concerns about the state not properly responding to the hurricane.

Yet, before this reporter could completely finish, DeSantis cut in. The Florida governor pointed out that it’s just not accurate to claim the state hasn’t reacted to the incoming hurricane.

In making this point, DeSantis admonished the reporter for spewing “nonsense” and said the reporter should think twice about that. Later, the Republican governor documented specific measures the state has taken to prepare for Hurricane Ian.

Just a fraction of these measures include declaring a state of emergency, letting at-risk areas know whether or not they need to evacuate, and alerting Floridians of where they can locate crucial emergency supplies, like sandbags.

DeSantis then proceeded to inform the media that Florida actually has a good relationship with FEMA. The state continues to work with FEMA to ensure maximum preparation for Hurricane Ian.

Meanwhile in Florida
Despite the left’s attempt to put a spin on Florida’s response to Hurricane Ian, the state is continuing to take proactive steps to maximize safety and minimize damage.

This involves not just the work of DeSantis, but also of city and county leaders. Emergency personnel and first responders will also have a lot on their plate in the days to come.

Despite all of the boots-on-the-groundwork happening in the Sunshine State amid this hurricane, it’s very likely that folks on the left will continue to undermine Florida’s work and otherwise spread false narratives.