A Member of Los Angeles’ SWAT Team is Facing Trouble

Over the past few years, there’s been a decline in law enforcement. Multiple cities across America chose to roll back funding for police departments. This came after pressure from left-wing activists; however, the results of defunding the police were disastrous.

Crime surged exponentially. In multiple left-wing cities today, such as Philadelphia and New York City, businesses are completely shutting down because of crime rates.

As the nation sees the impacts of rolling back police funding, some communities have looked to reverse this. Top Democrats who stood by as their party’s activists chanted to defund the police now allege this isn’t the position of the party at large.

Left-wing cities, such as Los Angeles, could significantly benefit from a rise in law enforcement. However, one member of the city’s Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team is under fire after a comment on the job.

Trouble For LAPD SWAT
Not too long ago, the SWAT team in Los Angeles was getting ready to deal with a suspected offender who barricaded himself in his apartment with weapons. By the time the incident was over, the individual in question ended up losing his life after fire was exchanged with members of the SWAT team.

However, once video footage from the officers’ body cameras was reviewed by a supervisor, one of the team members was heard saying “happy hunting” before the team moved in on the individual.

The name of the officer who made this comment has not been named for legal reasons; however, Michel Moore, the chief of the LAPD, did explain that punitive action followed after this comment was discovered.

According to Moore, the SWAT team member heard making this comment is not only being investigated, but he’s also been taken off the field altogether.

Ultimately, whether or not the officer is put back on the field will depend upon what happens by the time the investigation has been concluded.

The Wrong Approach From the LAPD?
As crime rises in America, there’s been a lot of controversy over the how the left-wing treats and approaches criminals in general.

Due to left-wing policies such as bail reform and early prison releases, Democrats have been accused of coddling criminals, while leaving law-abiding citizens at higher risks of victimization.

These points were brought up again on social media sites, upon people learning of the LAPD SWAT officer being removed from the field and put under investigation. Due to the nature of the situation, and recent upticks in crime, many people don’t have an issue with the “happy hunting” comment.