A Modified “Build Back Better” Slogan Greeted Biden In Virginia Town

President Joe Biden saw his policies in plain sight as he arrived in Virginia. A man with a sign that said: “Build Crack Better” was seen on the convoy route.

It’s good that people are calling Biden out for this nonsense.

As much controversy as people see in forgiving student loan debt, wouldn’t that be a better initiative than giving out free safe drug kits?

Realistically if taxpayers are going to spend $30 million, shouldn’t there be a poll or a choice? Right now, there’s such a giant waste of money because Biden doesn’t care about the American people. You might think to yourself that the clean drug kits will help people stay sanitized and healthy, but imagine that same drug addict going to apply for a job and not finding one because production costs more and there’s no revenue to dedicate toward hiring new employees. Is that a better life?

Is Biden trying to normalize crack addiction because his son, Hunter Biden, is back on drugs? Hunter’s been out of the spotlight for a couple of months now, and it wouldn’t be surprising if Hunter had a relapse at this point. Given that Hunter was in the mainstream news for over a year about his less-than-moral lifestyle, that’s going to cause a lot of stress. Couple that with Hunter’s likely inability to leave his home without being criticized or recognized.

Drug addiction is hard enough. Placing addicts in a position to continue their bad habit while feeling the government has their back isn’t going to help them get over their addiction. It may drive the recovery into a relapse when drugs are thrown in their face. Is that what Biden’s Administration wants? More addicts shut up, sit down, and take the drugs the government pushes into their life?

Biden’s Administration initially said they would give away crack pipes but then changed the tune and said they weren’t.

Tucker Carlson said, “The Biden Administration is promoting drug addiction. They’ve been caught doing it, and now they’re denying it.”

They can’t even commit to crack pipes. What makes you think they’re going to commit to the economy, foreign conflict, the southern border, the Constitution, or anything else that matters to the citizens of the United States.