A New Poll Does Not Bode Well For Democrats

For quite some time now, various political strategists have been warning that Democrats are gradually burning their bridges with the American people.

While everyday Americans are worried about inflation, the White House is urging people to buy electric vehicles that cost far more than their gas-fueled counterparts. As Americans can no longer afford to buy their food from grocery stores, Biden recently announced a new billion-dollar package for Ukraine.

In many instances, Democrats are openly stating that Biden’s doing a good job. This comes despite polling showing that most Americans don’t approve of the president’s job performance.

Now, another poll has come out and it doesn’t bode well for the future of the Democrat Party.

Revealing Data From Morning Consult
A fresh Morning Consult poll shows within the past five years, the amount of Americans identifying as “liberal” dropped by 7%. Instead, more people are finding themselves aligned with moderate political views, rather than solely left-wing or right-wing ones.

However, additional data from the poll shows that as liberal members of the Democrat Party have decreased, conservative members of the GOP jumped by 7%.

Most voters who are Independent are moderates. Although coincidentally, polls tracking Americans’ views on various policies have shown Independents being more statistically aligned with Republicans than with Democrats.

This largely plays into why Biden has fairly high approval ratings with Democrats, yet struggles with Independents and especially with Republicans.

The Radical Shift of the Democrat Party
Many members of the Democrat Party have continued to reject the premise that they’re better served being more moderate than radical.

By and large, Democrats embrace the notion that “bold change” means going as far left as possible. Democrats who don’t necessarily share these views in every case, such as Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), are often accused of being “Republican-lite” or undercover conservatives.

Morning Consult’s data also shows that young people are less liberal than they have been in the past. Therefore, if the Democrat Party continues to embrace going as far left as possible, it will be alienating more and more voter blocs.

Polling consistently shows that Republicans are making inroads with different voters as more become disillusioned with today’s Democrat Party.