A New Scandal Has Hit the Pelosi Family

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is a big name in politics. Pelosi has been in Congress since 1987 with multiple stints as the Speaker of the House under her belt.

However, Pelosi’s time in office has certainly not been without scandals and controversies. On multiple occasions, the House Speaker and her husband, Paul Pelosi, have been accused of insider stock trading.

Polls have shown that a strong majority of Americans don’t approve of congressional members using their insider knowledge of the economy to benefit themselves or their families in the stock market.

However, a new public relations nightmare is back for the Pelosi family. During Memorial Day weekend, Paul Pelosi ended up being taken into police custody for drunk driving.

What to Know About Pelosi’s Latest Run-in with the Law
In Napa Valley, California, the husband of the US House Speaker landed in hot water after law enforcement caught him driving under the influence.

Pelosi’s blood alcohol content reached the 0.08 or above threshold, thus leading him to face multiple misdemeanor charges and get booked into jail. However, within hours, Pelosi managed to pay the $5,000 in bail money to go home.


During Paul Pelosi’s drunk driving incident, his wife was speaking at Rhode Island’s Brown University. Later, when the California Democrat was asked about her husband’s latest incident, a spokesperson cited the situation as a “private” issue.

Pelosi herself is thus far not set to make any public statements about what happened with her husband over the weekend.

Brutal Reactions From the American Public
Drunk driving is no laughing matter. It has taken countless lives and there are reasons why strong laws against drunk driving are on the books.

In light of these details, Paul Pelosi came under harsh criticism for driving while intoxicated. Many folks on social media questioned why someone with Pelosi’s wealth and means wouldn’t just call a chauffeur, a cab, or some other form of transportation that didn’t require him getting behind the wheel.


Then, other people slammed Pelosi as arrogant and entitled for thinking he’d be able to skate by with drunk driving.

Another common point of view suggests that because of the combined wealth and status of the Pelosis, they’ll easily be able to make this problem go away.

While $5,000 in bail money is worth pennies to the Pelosis, there are many Americans who wouldn’t be able to come up with these funds in an emergency.