A New Source Claims Gavin Newsom Plans To Run For President

The 2024 presidential election looks to be a wild card, if nothing else. While Joe Biden previously claimed he was going for another term in office, he changed his mind publicly while speaking with 60 Minutes.

The president went from saying he’s certainly going to run again to saying a firm decision hasn’t been made. Biden also stated that he’d make a choice after the midterms are over because doing so now would be too premature.

However, one new source now claims California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) is more than eager to step in and run for president in 2024 if Biden doesn’t.

What to Know About the Likelihood of Newsom Running For President
An unnamed fundraiser with ties to the California governor’s family didn’t leave any room for question. This source stated there’s no doubt that Newsom’s going to run for president during the next election cycle if Biden doesn’t.

The public was likewise informed that after the president publicly confirms he’s not going for reelection post-midterms, this is when Newsom will announce he’s campaigning for the White House.

If Newsom does run, it wouldn’t be a shock, despite him previously claiming to be uninterested in becoming president. The California governor has been repeatedly picking fights with Republican governors, despite all the ongoing problems in his own state.

To many Americans, the antics of Newsom are in line with someone looking to go from governor of California to president of the United States. Though this may not be as smooth a path as Newsom thinks.

An Unfavorable Track Record
Newsom’s leadership of California has doomed the state to struggle with an unstable power grid and tent encampments on beaches and major roads, in addition to droves of people leaving to live in other states.

The California governor hasn’t once demonstrated any interest in changing his policies or admitting they’ve failed. It goes without saying that if Newsom were to run for president, his governorship of California would be used as a launchpad.

Though given that so many people have left his state, Newsom will have a hard time making the case that his leadership should reach the national level.

If Biden bows out and Newsom decides to start a presidential campaign, this would likely put him up against Vice President Kamala Harris in the primary election. Harris is widely viewed by Democrats as a viable candidate, should Biden take himself off the map.