Cuomo Maybe Taking A Walk Because Of A New York Sheriff

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was charged with the misdemeanor crime of forcible touching. The charge was filed in Albany, New York, and states, “did intentionally, and for no legitimate purpose, forcibly place his hand under the blouse shirt of the victim (redacted) and onto her imitate body part.” The accusation continues by saying Cuomo touched the victim’s left breast “to degrade and gratify his physical desires.” 

The charge may be defective, and David Soares from the District Attorney’s office wrote the judge explaining why. 

The woman filing the complaint is Brittany Commisso, one of the former Governor’s executive assistants before he resigned. 

Soares wanted the arraignment continued so that the review of the facts of the case could continue without bias.  

Interestingly, the complaint would have been filed with the sheriff’s office rather than the sheriff’s office referring Commisso to the district attorney’s office unless she had already tried to file the complaint with them.  

It’s known in law enforcement that a statement along with the charge is necessary for prosecution. It is why law enforcement and district attorneys should work together rather than spite each other. Many law enforcement agencies don’t feel that the district attorney’s office has their best interest in mind and feel the district attorney’s office is out to get them. That could be part of the confusion and lack of communication. 

Until the details are revealed, it’s unsure what the reason is and what this might mean for the trial and possible conviction. There’s also a possibility that more charges are coming in Cuomo’s way if more victims wish to pursue charges.