Adam Schiff Lets Slip His Regrets About What Muller Told Him On The Russia Investigation

If you couldn’t tell, the “Russian collusion” is just a “Russian Hoax.” The Democrats have had more dealings with Russia than former President Donald Trump did. Hillary Clinton paid someone to lie to the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

Adam Schiff (D-CA) said that he shouldn’t have let Robert Muller testify and said, “And it was excruciating. Honestly, it was painful. And if I had known, I would not have pushed for his testimony.”

Why, though? Because it was suspected that Muller was experiencing “cognitive decline,” Schiff said, “I can’t answer that,” when asked if Muller should have been in charge of the investigation if he was experiencing cognitive decline.

The basis of the investigation was that the Democrats didn’t know what they were doing or what they were after. And they found no collusion with Russia, at least from Trump.

If there were findings of Russian interference, why weren’t there stricter voting practices after the 2016 election?

Schiff should have known what was going on if he was pushing for Muller’s testimony. And the greater question is, what would Schiff have wanted if Muller didn’t testify? It seemed that Muller answered with honesty rather than providing the perception that was desired.

When on Face The Nation, Schiff was asked if he could say with certainty that there was no collusion with Trump and Russia, to which he responded, “No, I don’t agree with that at all. I think there’s plenty of evidence in plain sight.”

No, Schiff, there isn’t.

The fact is, the Democrat party targeted Trump in every way possible. After a lawyer linked to Clinton was charged with lying about the origins of the Trump-Russia conspiracy, it’s becoming more apparent that it was all made up, and taxpayers had to pay for a faulty investigation. Did anyone expect anything less from Clinton?

A 2-year investigation and $30 million later, there’s still nothing, and Democrats lose.

It questions the January 6th Commission that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi put together and what lies we can expect from that investigation. Nothing has come from it in the first place, and the FBI said that there was little evidence to support a pre-planned insurrection. The FBI is also coming out of an investigation where their agents were involved in provoking and planning the kidnapping of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. They may have overstepped in that investigation.