Afghanistan Tragedy Is A ‘Political Disaster’ For Team Biden

On Thursday, the suicide bombing attack on Kabul airport was a moral, political, and humanitarian calamity, attracting further backlash and opposition towards the Biden administration. It resulted in the massacre of about 13 American citizens and countless Afghans present at the disaster site. But even before this incident had taken place, Biden had lost popular support because of his poor and unorganized foreign policy decisions.

The fact that Trump had previously made a deal with the Taliban to withdraw American military forces from the premises of Afghanistan entirely remains true. Still, it does not give Biden the liberty to deny all responsibility for the recent proceedings of the Afghan crisis. Biden’s hasty plan to withdraw military troops from Kabul has resulted in a Taliban takeover and extreme misery in Afghanistan. As a result, the victims in Afghanistan had to resort to drastic measures like throwing their babies over barbed wire or clinging to aircraft that fly away from Kabul, which will forever be remembered as the outcomes of Biden’s poorly planned escape from Afghanistan. But as the deadline for America’s evacuation from Afghanistan, i.e., 31st August is just around the corner, America’s allies desperately hope for Biden to extend it. Still, so far, the U.S. President appears to be ignorant of the repercussions of his actions. For instance, Biden remained utterly unbothered in his presidential address after the Kabul bomb blast. He reassured the public of America’s evacuation from Kabul on 31st August. His administration continues to draw up numbers of persons evacuated from Afghanistan to water down the ongoing situation.

As Biden’s incompetency comes to light, many republicans are taking advantage of the situation to further their political interests, demanding resignation from Biden because of his inability to manage the situation. On the other hand, Democrats are hopeful that the public outrage over the Afghan issue would subside before the 2022 midterm elections. But we can indeed say that Biden’s poor decision-making is what has brought us to this crisis. For instance, Dispatch, in their second staff editorial, shares that the current chaos could have easily been avoided if America would have continued to support the Afghan army in limited capacities as a part of its counterterrorism strategy, it would’ve empowered the Afghan army enough to keep the Taliban from completely taking over. And if the American government would’ve delayed their withdrawal from Afghanistan till winter, when the Taliban are preoccupied with managing their crops, it would’ve put the Afghan army in a stronger position to defeat the Taliban and avoid the crisis that we are currently dealing with.