After Promising To Crush Covid-19, Biden Instead Threatens To Crush Economy With More Lockdowns

The closing down of offices, businesses, schools, etc., has heavily impacted American society, and Biden, during his campaign, pledged to crush the virus before it crushes the people. Biden and his administration have constantly been advocating the importance of following science during this pandemic. It will save us, and he is now willing to impose another lockdown that he once criticized because the CDC has said so.

The entire administration has been guided by science and claimed to have tools to fight the closure of schools, businesses, and offices, imposing mask mandates even for vaccinated children and children right after he advised the vaccinated ones that they do not have to wear a mask anymore.

While Biden has mandated all of the white house members to get vaccinated, White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated in an interview that if need be, the administration will fully support the lockdown if the CDC says it’s necessary. The administration’s blind trust in the CDC and contradictory statements have the people questioning their credibility. Biden clearly stated previously that fully vaccinated people could stay without a mask in heavily vaccinated areas. Now, after a mask mandate for the entire house, the republicans are questioning this contradiction.

There were numerous occasions in which Biden promised the nation that he would not impose any lockdown as it restricts the economy and causes downfall. He would instead shut down the virus, implying the use of alternate strategies to contain its impact. While Biden continuously criticized Trump for imposing lockdowns and halting the economic activities, the Republicans are now questioning why he still has not been able to crush the virus. Perhaps if he had not let the millions of illegal migrants into the country during a pandemic, risking another wave of the virus, things would not have reached the severity of imposing a lockdown.