Air Travel is Being Hit Hard by Inflation

In America today, the increase in demand for travel is higher than it’s been in quite some time. After shutdowns, business closures, stay-at-home orders, and more, growing numbers of people want to travel and live their lives.

Unfortunately, airlines have been hit with various issues, even as the demand for travel rises. For starters, back in 2021, there were massive cancellations of flights, along with delays. This happened as a result of airline workers protesting against COVID vaccine mandates.

Then, certain weather issues in different parts of the country have led to similar cancellations and delays. Even today, issues with air travel are far from gone.

According to the Next News Network, inflation is now having a major impact on the air travel industry.

What to Know About Air Travel and Inflation

The rise in gas prices also extends to jet fuel, which is used to fly planes.

As a result of higher jet fuel fees, multiple airlines have already announced the price increases are going to be passed down to customers.

This means travelers should prepare to spend more money on domestic and international flights. Baggage fees could possibly see an uptick as well.

When you add inflation on top of higher jet fuel costs, this also plays a role in higher prices. Outlets like CNBC have noted a 20% surge in airfare costs since before COVID emerged.

Then, there are other airlines dealing with not just inflation and higher jet fuel costs, but also a lack of staff. Alaska Airlines and JetBlue Airlines are now cutting back on their flight schedules, due to a lack of personnel.

With all the existing issues with travel this year, Americans should prepare to shell out higher amounts of money if they want to travel. On top of this, preparations for possible delays and cancellations are also advisable.

More Trouble For Airlines

While inflation is certainly taking a toll on the air travel industry, government bureaucracy isn’t too far behind.

Weeks ago, multiple airline CEOs wrote to the federal government and requested an end to the federal travel mask mandate. Just days ago, the Biden administration extended this mandate until at least May 3.

There is a very real possibility the White House could issue yet another extension before May 3 arrives.

At this point, both travelers and airlines have a rocky road ahead. Lowering spending and bringing down inflation will provide some much-needed relief.