Alcindor Sees Racism in Successful Senate Vote

The confirmation hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson for the Supreme Court have been tame compared to the Kavanaugh hearings, where he was accused of uncredible claims of sexual assault from decades before the nomination. There was never really any question that she was going to get confirmed with RINOs like Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT) helping Democrats wherever they can.

And, indeed, her confirmation came to pass.

There are many reasons to question Ms. Brown’s suitability for the highest court in the land. For example, she has been extremely lenient with sentencing on cases involving child pornography and sexual predators, often imposing sentences below the suggested minimum.

In a curious flip-flop, Mitt Romney did not vote for Jackson’s confirmation to a lower court appointment very recently, saying she was unqualified. But, suddenly, decided she was ready for the Supreme Court.

What Yamiche Alcindor decided to focus on was a delay in the vote by Senator Rand Paul, falsely insinuating that racism was the reason.

Yamiche Alcindor did not do a shred of investigation, instead she just reflexively fell back on attributing malfeasance.

Republicans smartly stayed away from the elephant in the room during the confirmation hearings, namely that the only reason that Ms. Brown was there because of her race and sex, as explicitly stated by President Biden when he said that his first requirement for the nomination was that it be an African American woman.