American Military Aid Begins Arriving In Ukraine

The US Embassy in Ukraine confirmed Saturday that the first shipment of a $200 million package of security support materials arrived in the capital city of Kyiv.

Joe Biden’s Secretary of State c was in Kyiv last week. Concerns continue to grow about the thousands of Russian troops and military equipment assembled at the Ukrainian border. Russia maintains its denial that it is contemplating an invasion of the US ally.

The federal government approved the $200 million aid package last month. As the Ukrainian defense minister issued thanks to the US for the package, the State Department said continued assistance would support Ukraine’s military forces. The statement added that the US supports the country’s ongoing effort to defend its sovereignty “against Russian aggression.”

The first shipment included about 200,000 pounds of weapons and ammunition for border defenses.

The State Department issued orders over the weekend to family members of Embassy personnel to begin evacuation of Ukraine as early as Monday. One official told Fox News that the State Department is expected to imminently encourage all Americans to start leaving the country by commercial flights while they are “still available.”

The next shipment of equipment is expected early in the week and is reported to include Javelin anti-tank missiles. Those missiles will arrive from posts in the Baltic states and other US military stockpiles.

Another official said that the Pentagon is concerned that the Ukrainian capital city is now “in the crosshairs.” The US, NATO, and the EU have reportedly rejected the major Russian demands regarding the situation, including assurances that NATO will not admit Ukraine as an entire member nation. The Russians also demand that no NATO weapons be assembled or deployed near any Russian border areas.

Other officials have reportedly said that there would be “a ton” of additional weapons and ammunition coming into Ukraine soon.