Another Democrat is Taking a Pitchfork to Free Speech Rights

The political left is coming after the First Amendment with everything it has. That’s why former President Obama went to Stanford University this month and claimed free speech rights don’t apply to social media platforms.

Democrats’ agenda is chipping away at the First Amendment is also clear by the visceral reactions tied to Tesla CEO Elon Musk purchasing Twitter earlier this week. Leftists completely lost it, calling Musk everything from dangerous to racist.

All of this comes against the background of the Tesla CEO committing to making free speech the bedrock of how Twitter operates.

The war on free speech extends far beyond these examples. Currently, Democratic lawmakers like Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) are coming up with various ways to take pitchforks to the First Amendment, according to PJ Media.

What to Know About Omar’s Anti-Free Speech Agenda

Of all the pressing matters happening in the country today, Omar has determined that tackling “Islamophobia” is a necessary course of action.

The congresswoman recently took a trip to Pakistan where she spent time with the country’s former prime minister, Imran Khan.

It has since come out that Omar spoke with Khan about a series of issues impacting Muslims; although, what really stood out was the Democrat’s praise of the former prime minister’s work.

This work entails advocating for violence against individuals who verbally offend Muhummad; this comes in addition to Khan’s advocacy for western nations to roll back free speech rights in order to avoid cases of “Islamophobia.”

If Khan had things his way, the West would furthermore have laws in place that ban the so-called “blasphemy” of Sharia.

Quite frankly, it’s terrifying that a sitting member of the United States Congress would applaud and welcome these sorts of ideas. It certainly demonstrates the lack of regard that Omar has for the First Amendment and other inalienable rights in America.

Very Much On-Brand for Democrats

While Omar’s decision to align herself with anti-free speech advocates is disturbing, it’s also on-brand for the Democrat Party.

Khan’s claim that free speech should be limited in order to avoid Islamophobia is just another version of Democrats calling for online censorship as a means of preventing “misinformation.”

At the end of the day, Democrats are always going to have a reason or excuse for why they think trampling on the First Amendment is acceptable. Yet, none of this changes the importance of upholding and defending free speech, along with other rights in this country.