AOC Finally Tells America The Real Reason She Cried On House Floor

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez never misses an opportunity for attention. Recently she cried on the House floor because the United States would continue funding the Israeli Iron Dome. What she doesn’t realize is that the Iron Dome protects people. The Iron Dome’s primary purpose is defense, not offense.  

AOC can’t seem to find herself in her role as a politician. She keeps getting caught without a mask just before taking pictures but puts one on when the image is taken. In March, AOC said that she would keep wearing a mask even though she’s fully vaccinated yet doesn’t stand by her virtue signaling rhetoric. 

AOC said, “I wept because of the lack of care for the human beings that are impacted by these decisions. I wept at an institution choosing a path of maximum volatility and minimum consideration for its political convenience.” 

She said she’s weeping because Israel isn’t allowing terrorists to bomb their citizens. It’s widely known that Hamas is a terrorist political organization and would love nothing more than conquer Israel. Democrats and Republicans ensured that Israel had superior intelligence and fighting capability when Hamas attacked Israel.  

“And I wept at the lack of regard I feel our party has for its most vulnerable and endangered members and communities,” AOC continued.  

AOC is referring to Ilhan Omar’s death threats that she often gets. While murder threats should be taken seriously and investigated and prosecuted, Omar doesn’t have much to stand on when she equates Israel, Hamas, and the United States. She’s suggesting that Israel and the United States are terrorist groups. Why do people still vote for these two women?  

She views herself as a leader but fails actually to lead. What she does is push far-left socialist agendas that don’t represent average Americans. AOC’s Green New Deal would be a recipe for disaster in the U.S. because the infrastructure proposed isn’t sustainable at this point.  

AOC has previously claimed that you should vote yes or no to be a leader. Still, AOC voted “present” rather than a yes or no, proving that her teenage antics are represented in her personality and lack of ability to make a solid decision. It honestly seems like AOC is going through puberty.