Argentina’s President Calls For Europe To Reject Socialism

New Argentinian President Javier Milei told a European crowd that they should reject socialism in upcoming elections. The comments came as the new president has had significant success in trying to bring back economic vitality to his country after decades of decline.

Milei told the VIVA24 event in Madrid, Spain that socialism was a failed system.

Never forget that the damn socialists murdered 150 million human beings,” he said. “Socialism necessarily leads to slavery and death. Opening the door to socialism is inviting death.”

The cancer of society is socialism, the enemies are leftists. Let’s not let the dark, black, atrocious, satanic, cancerous side beat us,” Milei added.

He said that it was best for people to make their own decisions and that women should not be treated as victims.

“Or is it not enough to be equal before the law? Do you know that it is better for children? A father and mother who knows them better than any bureaucrat,” he said.

European media framed the event as a “far right” conference.

At the turn of the 20th century, Argentina was one of the wealthiest countries in the world. It attracted thousands of immigrants, including from Europe. Due to its relative wealth in natural resources, it could have become a major regional power.

However, a string of socialist governments were elected, causing decades of economic turmoil. The country faced sharp inflation and serious economic trouble when Milei was elected. This is compared to Argentina’s neighbor Chile, which adopted market reforms in the 1960s and has grown significantly since.

Milei promised to cut many of the agencies in Argentina’s national government and carried through. He was able to create the country’s first surplus in years in large part due to his cuts.

Despite some reservations, the new president’s policies appear to be helping the country’s currency. The nation’s inflation rate has fallen significantly and is expected to drop even further.

Milei has promised to work closer with the United States and other democratic countries. He has also expressed his admiration for former President Donald Trump and was interviewed by former Fox News host Tucker Carlson.