Arizona Education Chief Sued For Promoting Inappropriate “Chat” Site For LGBT Children

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman has been sued for promoting a website that includes chat rooms where unqualified gay adults talk directly and without supervision to children confused or curious about being LGBT.

The story was broken by Breitbart News in May that the state Department of Education was promoting a private chat service called “QChat” that is designed for LGBT children to engage in various sexual and inappropriate conversations with strangers.

Some of the chat topics included on the site are “queer youth activism,” sex and relationships, drag culture, witchcraft, and many others.

The site’s user interface even includes a “quick escape” button that allows users to instantly toggle from the sex site to a generic Google page in the event that a parent or other adult should enter the room while a child is using it.

The lawsuit against Hoffman was filed in the Maricopa County Superior Court and seeks an injunction prohibiting the further promotion by the government of the QChat site.

The Arizona Republican Party has posted an advertisement from Tom Horne regarding the substance of the lawsuit and the QChat site. Horne is running against Hoffman in her reelection bid in the general election coming up in November.

The ad discusses how QChat uses apparently innocent posts about Marvel movies, Pokemon, and Star Wars to lure children into the site’s chat room functions. From there, kids are invited to have unmonitored conversations with unvetted adults about sex and other adult topics. There are no requirements for parental approval for use of the site, and the only requirement for adults who want to talk with children about sex is that they must affirm they are LGBT.

Horne’s ad calls QChat a “sexual predator’s dream.” He points out that Hoffman is using Arizona tax dollars to push children to use the site.

Hoffman dared to publicly defend the promotion of QChat, describing the site as “an important resource for LGBTQ youth looking to build community.”

Additional investigative reporting by Breitbart showed that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also promoted the use of QChat to children nationwide, unknown to their parents. A group of House Republicans led by Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) has written the CDC based on that reporting to demand information and answers from the agency.