Art Professor Goes Off On ‘Pronoun Police’ In Fiery Rant

A woman who is reportedly an art professor went off on a rant against anyone who dared to dictate how she should use pronouns, ending her rant by telling them to “Go take a hike!”

The woman, who was later identified as Dr. Camille Paglia, has been a professor at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, since 1984.

The College Fix shared a clip of her comments on Twitter along with the caption: “Art school professor delivers epic rant against pronoun policing.”

“Change everyday common speech, are you kidding me, okay? People shouldn’t be putting up with this for one second. What kind of nonsense is this? Absolute nonsense, okay!” Paglia began, gesturing animatedly with her hands as she spoke.

“These people who are searching for their own identity, okay, and want to impose on others, that is not my philosophy as a libertarian, that is an invasion, an intrusion, into other people’s personal rights,” she added.

Paglia went on to point out that common language was actually owned by all of the people — which means that no individual person should have the right to tell others how to express themselves.

“The English language is owned by everyone, okay, it was created by great artists — Chaucer, and Shakespeare, and Wordsworth, and Joyce, and so on — how dare you sniveling little… maniac, tell us how we’re going to use pronouns?” the professor asked. “Go take a hike!”

While some people request certain pronouns to be used because they claim to be transgender or “nonbinary” — a made-up term referring to being neither male or female — and want their pronouns to reflect the gender they claim to be, some people have taken things even further and are now trying to use common nouns as their personal pronouns.

For example, one TikTok user recently announced that they were going to be using the words “bee” and “fairy” as their pronouns, and asked for people to use them exactly as they would use “they/them” pronouns. The video was shared on Twitter by popular user ‘Libs of Tik Tok.’

“So if you’re saying ‘that’s their coat,’ you’d say ‘that’s Bee’s coat.’ Or instead of saying ‘they love themself,’ you would say ‘bee loves beeself,’” the TikTok user said.

The person went on to state that the “pronoun” fairy would be used in the same manner.

“Fairy is also used in the same way as they/them, so instead of saying ‘that’s their coat, you would say ‘that’s fairy’s coat.’ Again, instead of saying ‘they love themself,’ you would say ‘fair loves fairyself,’” the person said.