Bar Begs For Business After Booting Bud Light Boycotters

A bar in Indiana took a stand against customers who complained about the woke actions of Bud Light. Now their business is suffering and they are pleading with customers to return and enjoy their brews.

The controversy began, of course, with Bud Light’s partnership with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney. This sparked a firestorm when it was revealed that the beer celebrated his first anniversary of identifying as a woman.

He also shared social media posts of him soaking in a bathtub enjoying a Bud Light.

The Fairfax Bar and Grill posted on Facebook on April 11 that they were “tired of all the hate.” The since-deleted post said that any customers “wanting to voice their concerns about the issue will be immediately asked to pay their bill and leave our establishment.”

The posting added that they will continue to provide Anheuser-Busch products since “we don’t care who they make special cans for.”

Of course, there’s an easy way to avoid the inconvenience of being asked to leave Fairfax Bar and Grill, and that’s to never patronize it to begin with. And apparently, that’s what many chose to do.

Another since-deleted post on Wednesday noted that there has been a backlash in the two weeks since the original warning for patrons to keep their opinions to themselves. Their Facebook account was reportedly flooded with protests over their newfound wokeness.

That was only a precursor to a later message that admitted that business had suffered. “With the departure of some of our regulars, we have needed new clientele, and you have answered.”

The posting continued, “I’m not gonna lie, we still need more of you right now. Please continue to consider supporting us.”

Apparently, that did not do the trick, because Thursday the establishment put yet another statement offering more clarity online. “A lot has been said — some correct, and some incorrect — and I want to clarify my stance.”

The bar announced that various opinions are welcome if they are expressed respectfully. “We’d no more want ugly, aggressive or rude interactions about which sports team someone thinks is better than about societal issues.”

Furthermore, the proprietors promised to not censor opinions as long as they are exchanged in a civil manner.

For the record, Bud Light sales have plummeted in the wake of the controversial partnership. According to NielsenIQ and Bump Williams Consulting, the beer fell 17% in dollars and 21% in volume in the week ending April 15.