Ben Shapiro Has A Brief Update About What Does And Doesn’t Any Longer Bring AOC To Tears

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went from “Tax the Rich” to “Bomb the Jews” in a single tear over the defense budget. AOC’s take on reality doesn’t have any validity in real-world politics. Israel is the United States’ most essential and very well may be their only, middle eastern ally.  

AOC was brought to tears because the defense budget included funding for the Iron Dome, primarily a defensive piece of equipment. The Iron Dome detects and eliminates rockets that were fired their way, which protects the Israelis. With Hamas being unhinged and unpredictable, there’s usually no warning that these attacks will happen. Thanks to the United States, the Iron Dome should exemplify any military force that Israel is one step ahead with technology and innovation.  

While discussions got tense, the $1 billion budget for the Iron Dome was passed. Incredibly, Israel has been able to withstand enemy forces and keep its territory. The religious country has been able to stand together while being diverse. The assumption that everyone in Israel, including their military, is Jewish is a misunderstanding. Many Negev Bedouin Muslims volunteer for the Israeli Defense Force. 

AOC has dived into the deep end, and Ben Shapiro takes notice. Shapiro’s tweet noting that AOC cried over the Israeli Iron Dome Defense but not about Haitians at the border speaks volumes for who AOC is as a person.  

AOC doesn’t care about these issues. What AOC cares about are votes and attention. She wants to appear as liberal as possible and then scale back when it comes time to take action. The photo of AOC at the border during former President Donald Trump’s administrative situation, but lack of desire to make waves about current President Joe Biden’s administrative handling of the border will tell you everything you need to know.

AOC is a disaster for a candidate and should resign. She only muddies the waters during tumultuous times in the U.S. Whatever she’s attempting to portray isn’t working. She believes that saving lives is important but doesn’t seem to care about the Jewish people. She would have done great in Germany in the early 1900s.