Biden Abandons Our Allies: ‘What It’s Really Like On The Ground In Kabul’

Imagine yourself behind enemy lines. Rifle rounds break the muzzle in the distance, and explosions go off, and you’re unsure where it’s coming from. You huddle your family in a safe spot inside your home, but it is unclear if your home will be the next target, so is there a safe spot to hide? As you look out your window, you can see a fire burning from a structure close by and Afghans in military vehicles passing by with rifles. You quickly retreat to your family, and your door is kicked in. You’re not sure who it is, but it can’t be good. Men come into your home and remove all women to be used as slaves, and you know you have to stop it. As you get up, you’re taken as well. They take you into the street and put you on your knees, and you’re executed.

If that monologue sounds like fantasy or a Jack Carr novel, it’s not. It is a reality that the Afghans are experiencing. Though this isn’t a detailed account of events that have taken place, it’s a representation of reports coming from Afghanistan.

The Taliban isn’t a government, and they’re not an institution, corporation, entity, or military force. They’re a savage group of Middle Eastern people who prey on the weak and execute whoever they wish. The Taliban isn’t a force to work with. They have to be eliminated. Whether that be by the United States or others, they have to be taken out.

The Taliban is currently occupying all of Afghanistan. They went village by village and city by the city over the past several months taking more ground from the Afghan people. Their leaders were last reported in the Presidential Palace in Kabul, Afghanistan. Many veterans have voiced that we should take them out while they’re close by, but no orders have been given. The charges that have come down the chain of command seem to tie the hands of military members, and they’re only able to witness the actions of Taliban fighters from afar.

The most recent directions for Afghans and United States citizens who want to leave Afghanistan are hiding in place, waiting for further orders, and not coming to the airport. It is setting every single person up for execution if they’re not rescued. Is this what President Joe Biden wants, or is he so self-involved in his original plan that he won’t do anything differently?

No, this isn’t a partisan issue, but it seems that it fits.

If you take anything from Biden’s time as Vice President, you should take away his weakness. Biden discouraged former President Barack Obama from taking out Osama Bin Laden while they had the chance. He didn’t want to risk it while they were in a position to attack. If that doesn’t tell you something about his ability to make a decision, then you might not ever change your mind.

Desperate people need to get out of Afghanistan. Re-read that first segment and honestly imagine that being your life right now. That’s the future of all Afghans from this moment forward.