Biden Administration Turns Into A Dumpster Fire Of Blame-Evasion

The President of the United States has to be the voice of reason for the American people. The greatest threat to the United States is a fall of leadership at the top levels. When elites get into office, who can relate to the individual blue-collar citizen, things get weird.

When President Joe Biden showed that he had no ability to be honest about the Afghanistan situation or had no clue what was going to happen he decided to predict what he thought rather than tell us the truth.

Jack Posobeic said on Twitter, “Ron Klain wanted Biden to rush back to DC yesterday afternoon to the Situation Room but Jull stepped in saying Biden could ‘project his leadership’ from anywhere, per WH official.”

Who’s running this country? Is this a new Bill Clinton era presidency where Jill Biden’s running the country rather than Joe?

When things get rough, Biden was elected to be present and willing to address the American people about the possible solution or at least give updates on the situation that’s currently unfolding. Likened to a weak business owner who sells his company without telling the employees, and they show up to work unemployed, Biden was absent during the military exit of Afghanistan. Americans are left asking questions about the possible outcome and long-term threat that will come from Afghanistan.

When Biden’s administration needs to answer some serious questions, Jen Psaki has also gone on vacation. The press secretary hasn’t been forthcoming with information recently when hiding White House Covid-19 infections in vaccinated employees. The White House will also not mandate the Covid-19 vaccination for their staff, but you may have to take the vaccine to be employed. It’s funny that the federal government isn’t going to mandate the vaccine for welfare, but to be employed and pay taxes for interest, you have to be vaccinated.

Vice President Kamala Harris has done everything she can do to divert responsibility and Kyle Becker, CEO of, said on Twitter, “Harris was reportedly pressed to give an update of Afghanistan to the American people but refused. White House source says Kamala Harris could be heard screaming today: “They will not pin this s*** on me!”

Harris has inevitably been involved in every decision Biden has made. You don’t believe she’s unaware of the situation, do you?

It is a disaster of a presidency. History will show that the ramifications of the Biden administration’s decisions will be hard to undo, but we can do it if we focus forward rather than backward.