Biden Aide Takes Aggressive Move to Push Climate Agenda

Joe Biden’s climate change agenda is doing significant damage to the United States. Even as gas prices reach an average of roughly $5.00 per gallon nationwide, Biden will not lift his bans on oil drilling, Keystone XL pipeline, or oil and gas leases.

The president has not hidden his intentions whatsoever. He’s openly said that gas prices are a transition towards a US society that doesn’t depend upon fossil fuels.

At this point, there seem to be no lengths the White House won’t go to push its climate change agenda on the country. Multiple officials within the Biden administration have said Americans who aren’t happy with current gas prices can just buy electric vehicles.

Now, Biden’s national climate adviser is advocating for the censorship of Americans who oppose this agenda.

Gina McCarthy on Biden’s Climate Change Agenda
During a video interview with Axios, national climate adviser to the White House Gina McCarthy admitted she doesn’t think opponents of Biden’s policies should have a voice.

According to McCarthy, social media companies must step up and end so-called misinformation from anyone who isn’t on board with Biden’s climate change agenda.

The national climate adviser then went on to claim that people who benefit from fossil fuels and don’t care about the average consumer have an ax to grind against the president.

In McCarthy’s mind, the only way to remedy this is to end the “disinformation” supposedly funded by fossil fuel companies.

Before Biden’s national climate adviser ended her interview with Axios, she warned climate change and the existence of fossil fuels are dangers to public health, due to their impacts on pollution.

The Giant Elephant in the Room
McCarthy’s entire interview with Axios was framed around the inference that climate change poses an existential threat to humans and Biden is working to combat this threat.

Yet, while making these claims, the national climate adviser left out some very real and important information. She didn’t talk about the impacts the president’s climate change policies are having on gas prices and Americans’ overall ability to afford to live.

McCarthy’s remarks about the average American consumer didn’t mention how 8.6% inflation, stagnant wages, and a host of other problems today are crushing consumers.

Unfortunately, the remarks from the national climate adviser made it clear that the White House intends to not only move forward with its radical climate change agenda, but also to shut down anyone who disagrees.