Biden Approval Rating Reaches Record Lows

A recent poll showed that former President Donald Trump has opened a significant lead over President Joe Biden, following weeks of positive polling results for the former president. The news comes amid increased concerns over Biden’s handling of the economy and the current conflict in the Middle East.

A recent Wall Street Journal poll placed the former president four points ahead of Biden and marked record low approval ratings.

Americans soured on the president’s leadership. When asked about whether Biden’s policies had helped them personally, 23% agreed. A further 53% said that Biden’s policies had hurth them personally. When asked about Trump’s time in office, about half argued that his policies helped them, while 37% said that his efforts hurt them personally.

Furthermore, when matched up on different policies, Trump led on almost every count. This included Americans’ opinions on the economy, inflation and the current war between Israel and Hamas.

The Trump campaign told Fox News that “Americans were better off financially under President Trump” and blamed “runaway inflation, a porous southern border and crime in our streets” on Biden.

Furthermore, Biden is struggling with historically low approval ratings. The same poll showed that Biden currently has a 37% approval rating. Another 61% disapprove of Biden’s tenure in office.

In addition, if third-party candidates are included, Trump’s lead grows. In this scenario, Trump now leads Biden by 6%. Former Democratic Party primary candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. would receive 8% in such a contest running as an independent.

Trump also leads in almost every recent head-to-head matchup in the RealClearPolitics average. The former president recently reached an all-time high in his lead over the president. Currently, he is leading by more than 2% in the polling average.

Furthermore, while recent polls show Biden leading in two surveys and one tie, Trump is currently leading in ten major national polls.

In another recent Messenger/HarrisX poll Trump takes a clear majority, bringing in 53% of the vote. Biden trails with 47% of prospective voters.

Biden’s struggles come as Americans fear rising inflation, as well as