Biden Asking Help From Domestic Energy Producers After Months Of Trying To Destroy Them

Joe Biden began his time as president by immediately taking steps to cripple domestic energy production and hammer U.S. oil and gas producers. Now, as Americans face the highest gas prices in almost a decade and surging energy costs as winter approaches, Biden is pleading for help from the same industry he set out to destroy.

Reuters reported on Wednesday that the White House has been seeking help from domestic producers in recent days about “bringing down rising fuel costs.” 

In the third presidential debate he had with President Donald Trump, Biden said that the “oil industry” has to be “replaced by renewable energy” because it “significantly pollutes.”

Deb Haaland, Biden’s Interior Secretary, announced the suspension of all new oil and gas leases on federal land and discussed total extraction limitations on federally owned property. That termination of production would further restrict supply as gas has reached more than $3.30 per gallon on average across the country.

Crude oil has doubled in price in less than a year to more than $83 per barrel. As energy prices surge, transportation costs and other increases lead to skyrocketing inflation for groceries and other consumer goods.

Andrew Wheeler, who served during the Trump administration as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, warned before Biden took office that the new administration might regulate domestic energy production out of business, even if an outright ban was not forthcoming.

Kathleen Sgamma, president of the oil and gas trade group Western Energy Alliance, told The Federalist last week that they would be “happy to increase our production.” However, she said that the Biden administration is “doing everything in its power to run us out of business.” She added that if the federal government would “stop manipulation” of energy markets, the problem would solve itself.

She went on to say that domestic producers were suffering because of the loss of available operating capital as a result of Biden administration actions, saying that they are “putting so much pressure on banks not to lend to us in the name of climate change.”

As the administration begs for additional energy production from the domestic producers it has attacked, it also asks foreign producers to increase production. Of course, those producers, including OPEC, enjoy the higher prices for their products that Biden has helped create.