Biden Campaign Slammed for $50M Ad Blitz Targeting Trump’s Conviction

Biden Ad ATTACK Criticized

Former President Trump’s campaign is shrugging off what it contends is the impact of President Biden’s latest attack ad, which highlights Trump’s recent conviction on criminal charges and firing back that it is “irrelevant” to ordinary Americans.

“After spending nearly $80M in paid advertising on ads about issues that don’t relate to the daily lives of Americans — from the Biden campaign, Trump campaign press secretary Karoline Leavitt told Fox News Digital when President Biden launched a $50 million ad blitz focused on former “character” is the defining theme of the 2024 presidential election after the recent conviction.

“Spending another $50M running more misguided ads with bogus lines of attack will not alter the course of this race or deceive Americans into believing that Crooked Joe Biden’s presidency has been anything other than a disaster,” she added.

It features the verdict in New York v. Trump, where the former president and presumptive Republican nominee was convicted on all 34 counts of falsifying business records in the first degree by a jury. Trump had denied guilt in the indictment and planned to appeal.

“You have been watching him drag through court cases, and he has only himself to blame (…) The presidency is about the family,” the ad continues, again adding Trump’s legal issues but asserting that the president “is focused on lowering health care costs and making big corporations pay their fair share.” And some in Biden’s own party have suggested that zeroing in on Trump’s legal troubles may not be the best plan, at least when it comes to criticism from the Trump campaign. 

Steve Schmidt, the former Republican political strategist who became one of Trump’s most aggressive critics before ditching the GOP altogether during Trump’s presidency, narrated what was an early ad this year in which he advised a Super PAC aligned with a pro-Biden Democratic House candidate running for president, called the spot “a fail.” Schmidt said on his “The Warning” podcast recently. “It’s flat.” And so on, the document reads as if a committee of chat GPTS wrote it. “Ad sucks,” Schmidt added. “It’s terrible. It would not set pulses racing. If you try, it will only cost money and also do nothing.

Axios reported that although Biden got a small bump in polls after Trump was convicted, the president has spent final time what Trump has on ads since early March, and Biden’s numbers have largely stayed flat over the past few months.

Axios reported Biden’s lowest approval rating average of his presidency on June 9, coincidentally during Trump’s trial.