Biden Can’t Answer Questions From Reporters And Fail Again To Follow His Own Mask Mandate

President Joe Biden is still on a reporter strike, and it’s frustrating that the President of the United States won’t take questions. When Biden can, transparency would be very helpful to the American people right now because everyone is guessing. Nobody knows when the next Covid-19 mandate will come out or when bills and executive orders are coming our way. It’s like Christmas every time Biden gets on stage.

When Biden finished his speech, he said, “uh, questions,” before reporters started asking questions all at once. Biden then backed himself into his comfortable note card corner and said, “Let me call on Nancy Bloomberg.”

What? Don’t open the floor if you aren’t willing to take questions from who you chose to call on, and if you are the President, reporters deserve to ask as many questions as they would like. It’s interesting to watch a coward behind a podium who takes scripted questions from reporters while Biden’s cognitive decline worsens.

Biden was asked to push local and state officials to reinstate mask mandates. Then he reads from a notecard, “About the last question, the answer is, uh, I, I encourage everyone to, uh, wear a mask when they’re indoors under crowded circumstances like we are right now, um, and uh, unless you’re eating or speaking in a microphone.”

That isn’t true, though. If a person suggests another do something, they should do it themselves. Biden has been seen without a mask in public, crowded places while mask mandates are in place. I suggest we all follow Biden’s guidance and stop wearing them regardless of what local, state, or federal governments say. You’re acting on the President’s example.

Even while Biden gave the standard for wearing a mask, he didn’t even follow the guidance he just suggested. Biden left the podium without a mask on. “Unless you’re eating or speaking on a microphone.” Nobody saw Biden with food, and he stepped away from the microphone. Ethics violation.