Biden Can’t Control His Nerves On Popular News Channel’s Prime Time Show

Biden’s JITTERY?

After President Biden’s Friday primetime appearance with host George Stephanopoulos, the ABC News panel had some harsh words for him.


After the interview, Jonathan Karl, chief Washington correspondent for ABC News, told George Stephanopoulos, “Look, Biden looked better and certainly more coherent than he looked during the debate, but there’s nothing in this interview that is calming nerves of jittery Democrats who fear that Joe Biden is on a trajectory to lose this race, to lose to Donald Trump.”



“In fact, for some of those people, the interview is raising new concerns, particularly the fact that he is unwilling or unaware of the fact that he is in a dire situation here regarding the campaign, that he is losing, in the view of many Democrats and frankly in the polls you cited, that he is losing to Donald Trump,” he stated.


Karl told Stephanopoulos that a Biden ally expressed a “wow” reaction to him and described Biden’s statement that he would be satisfied with a hypothetical defeat against former President Trump as long as he “gave it [his] all” as “alarming.”


In the end, nothing in this interview will prevent Joe Biden from running for office. However, nothing in this interview will allay the fears of Democrats who are calling for Trump to step down, Karl continued.


The Democrats Martha Raddatz, the top foreign affairs correspondent for ABC News, claimed she had texted stated the interview “wasn’t as bad as they expected,” but she also remarked, “That’s a pretty low bar.”


After speaking with Democratic members, Rachel Scott, the network’s legislative correspondent, told Stephanopoulos that they are worried that even while the “dam hasn’t broken tonight,” “the bleeding has not stopped, either.”


Before stating that the “movement” to unseat Biden as the Democratic nominee “is growing,” Scott remarked, “Another Democrat telling me, ‘Better, but not sure that is enough,’ that they need more than one interview, more than 22 minutes to prove that the president has the stamina to continue in this race and defeat Donald Trump.”

In closing, Raddatz emphasized that aging “is not like a broken bone” by pointing out Biden’s go-to response, “Watch me,” when asked about his age. Nothing improves about it.”


“Everyone is watching and believe me they’re going to be watching even more closely as we go forward, George,” Raddatz stated to the reporter.


During his first interview since the presidential debate last month, Biden’s hesitation about whether he had viewed his poor debate performance and his refusal to commit to a cognitive test were two of the most talked-about moments from his sit-down with Stephanopoulos.


Wide segments of the left media are screaming at Biden to drop out of the presidential contest in response to his startling debate performance, which has caused a political earthquake. During a Wisconsin campaign event on Friday, Biden reaffirmed that he is “staying in the race.”