Biden Continues Decline, Can’t Remember Who’s Who

For any US president, the members of their administration make a huge difference. These are the folks whispering in the president’s ear, largely determining what measures are put into effect, and otherwise wielding influence over the nation in a variety of regards.

Therefore, when a president isn’t sure of who is in their administration, this can create a lot of problems. Unfortunately, these problems are coming to fruition in the Biden White House.

On multiple occasions, Biden’s landed in situations where he’s been introducing his various Cabinet members, only to later forget their names and positions.

This past Tuesday, the sitting president confused his vice president with his wife, in addition to making several other blunders, according to PJ Media.

Biden’s Latest Series of Flubs

Earlier this week, the White House celebrated Women’s History Month by hosting an Equal Pay Day ceremony. However, when Biden was speaking during the event, things quickly went wrong.

In front of an audience in the White House, Biden proclaimed “the first lady’s husband” came down with coronavirus. What the president really wanted to say was that the husband of Vice President Kamala Harris is the one who tested positive for COVID.

However, after being corrected by an unnamed person in the crowd on Tuesday, Biden still couldn’t clean things up. The president called Douglas Emhoff, Harris’ husband, the “First Gentleman.”

Just like “the first lady’s husband,” the “First gentleman” would technically be Biden himself. Then, during another portion of Biden’s remarks on Tuesday, he claimed Emhoff to be “Second Lady.”

During this series of flubs, the audience in the White House was carelessly laughing off these errors. However, they’re not exceptions or unusual occurrences when it comes to Biden.

As a matter of fact, this marks a continuation of various episodes where Biden stands in front of podiums, appearing lost, confused and unsure of where he is.

Time for Biden to Take a Cognitive Test?

In all the time this president has been in office, he has never once taken a cognitive test and then shared these results with the American public.

However, episodes like the one on Tuesday are just reminders of why so many Americans believe Biden should undergo a cognitive test and then publicly release the results.

Rep. Ronny Jackson, a Texas congressman who previously served as a White House physician, is one of the most prominent voices stating the need for Biden’s cognitive functions to be tested.

If Tuesday is any indication, things with Joe Biden could be much worse than the public is currently aware of.