Biden DHS Secretary Makes MIND-BLOWING Statement About Building Trump’s Wall

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas made a ridiculous statement about former President Donald Trump’s wall.  

Mayorkas said that it’s a proud tradition for immigrants to come into the United States illegally, and that’s why President Joe Biden’s administration opposes it. Really? That’s why you oppose it?  

Sec. Mayorkas must have forgotten to place that particular holiday on the calendar because nobody has ever heard of it and if it’s such a proud tradition, it deserves a holiday. Maybe the United States could share January 21st as the “National Border Crossing Day.” The other holidays that share that date are National Granola Bar Day and National Squirrel Day. It seems appropriate to share ridiculous traditions.  

Millions of illegal aliens have entered the country, and their presence will immediately influence how we live. Taxes will rise, and consumer products as the government has to take care of people and the Democrats push more massive spending bills through, provided they pass.  

Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris haven’t done anything on the southern border. Harris was appointed head of the border earlier this year and has largely ignored the issue since then. Harris hired advisors to help with the issue, but she will have to make some moves if she wants to save herself. Funny enough, one of the advisors is Press Secretary Jen Psaki. Her sister also works for the Department of Health and Human Services. Funny. 

The Democrats have a problem where they feel like they can speak for everyone. Biden’s approval rating is meager. Some polls have Biden polling under 40%. Well below Harris and lower than former Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama at this stage of their presidency.  

The real question is, why didn’t the Biden administration do anything in the first place? It’s their job to make sure the southern border is protected. It’s Constitutional.

The southern border crisis is 100% impeachable. It’s causing instability in the United States.  

A solution could be to build a wall. That seems appropriate at this point. What it would accomplish is the future ability of this type of disaster to happen. Regardless of the president at the time, the border would have some barrier that would inhibit illegal immigrants’ ability to enter the United States. There are plenty of appropriate means that migrants can enter the United States. Illegal entry isn’t one of them.  

Mayorkas’ response to why the crisis is so bad is out of control and an absolute lie. There’s no tradition of allowing illegal immigrants into the country. Most people disapprove of Biden, and the southern border is a large portion of the reason.