Biden Doubles Down On Foreign Oil That Emits Much More Methane Than US Producers

Joe Biden continues to say the federal policy will not restart domestic oil and gas production, even as a global energy crisis looms during the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Last Thursday, Press Secretary Jen Psaki maintained the solution to high costs is more spending on “clean energy,” even as the White House continues to refuse sanctions on inefficient Russian production sources.

She admitted that lifting sanctions on Iranian oil is now being discussed by Friday. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said the same last Wednesday, saying the president emphasized that “all options are on the table.”

While the administration panders to the radical wing of the Democratic Party in destroying domestic energy in the name of “clean” alternatives, it is shifting towards even greater reliance on Russian and Iranian oil that disproportionately increases methane emissions. Methane also happens to be the most potent greenhouse gas.

The International Energy Agency reported that Russia was the most significant global producer of methane emissions last year. Russian production creates 30 percent more emissions than American producers on a per-unit comparison. Iran produces a whopping 85 percent more methane per unit than the US.

Last week, Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that the administration does not have a “strategic interest” in reducing global energy production. She added the White House talking point that placing sanctions on Russian oil would raise gas prices for Americans.

The crippling of domestic energy production led to surging gas prices long before the Russian invasion of Ukraine commenced. Gas prices on Monday stood at a national average of $4.06 per gallon, just five cents below the 2008 record high.

American imports of Russian oil have doubled since Biden assumed office, with a current average of more than 600,000 barrels per day. Oil and gas exports generated more than $119 billion over that time for Russian President Vladimir Putin to prepare his aggressive acts of war in Eastern Europe.

Alaska’s oil and gas producers operate much more cleanly than Russian or Iranian producers. Alaskan producers do not “flare” gas, where excess gas is burned into the atmosphere. Instead, excess gas is reinjected into the earth. Although the infrastructure needed for development and production is ready for deployment, Alaska’s decades’ worth of energy reserves is untapped.