Biden Fails BIG: What He Just Did To American Drivers Is Unforgivable

Gas prices for July 2021 are higher than they’ve been in 7 years. The steady incline began as soon President Joe Biden went from $2.42 per gallon to $3.23 per gallon. This report comes from

Oil independence has been a bipartisan push for decades, and former President Donald Trump achieved this goal. Not only did it keep gas prices low, but it also gave more jobs to American workers. In February 2016, gas was $1.87 per gallon, which is the lowest since January 2009. Trump wasn’t playing around and didn’t let other countries control him.

Biden seems to be snuggling close to foreign dictators and trying to buy himself favor with them. Biden waived sanctions of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline that runs from Russia to Germany but shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline, giving more fuel accessibility. Funny enough, after Biden shut down the pipeline construction Continental, another oil company, hacked their computers and shut down operations for several days.

Biden doesn’t care about you, I know that comes as a shock, but he doesn’t. Biden cares about taxes and big government spending. Whatever his handlers tell him to do, he does. Vice President Kamala Harris is probably Biden’s actual handler and who is running the country. Biden only cares about vaccines and Covid-19 at this point. He wants everyone to get vaccinated but cares nothing about gas prices, grocery prices and praises the infrastructure bill that costs $3.5 trillion. That’s coming out of your pocket.

Not only do gas prices affect the individual, but many businesses transport goods. Rising gas prices will affect their prices on shipping, not to mention FedEx, UPS, and USPS. And now that the infrastructure bill is moving forward, it would add a mileage tax to your vehicles. It’s abundantly clear that the government is making you pay for the things they graciously give you as if you asked for it to begin with. If the American people could vote on the infrastructure bill, then it wouldn’t pass. But, all 2700+ pages are going to be pushed forward.

But, the plan gets better. Biden will raise taxes on the rich, which will drive many businesses out of the United States to seek better opportunities and growth. It’s the plan to bankrupt the country. When Biden says that nobody under $400,000 will have their taxes raised, he’s assuming that enough people will make over that amount left to raise taxes. When there isn’t anyone else left to pay for government spending, the $400,000 will decrease, and Americans will have to foot the government bills.

Biden’s promises haven’t come to fruition so far, and he’s not on a path to keep any other commitments. If the border crisis is an example of Biden’s administration competency, we’re in big trouble for another three years.