Biden ‘Giving Millions’ To Lawyers Representing ‘Illegal’ Immigrants

Joe Biden’s White House has been handing federal taxpayer funds to a nonprofit organization with a radical leftist mission specifically to pay for efforts to keep illegal immigrants from being deported from the US.

The government watchdog organization “Open The Books” recently reported that Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services awarded a contract in March 2021 worth at least $158 million to the Vera Institute of Justice. The agreement’s purpose was to supply legal services to unaccompanied minors for immigration issues.

Open the Books CEO Adam Andrzejewski said that the federal government avoids typically directly funding “overly political” nonprofits, but “not this time.”

The Vera Institute is involved in many progressive political activities, including advocating defunding police departments, eliminating bail requirements, and enacting more open border immigration policies. It has openly advocated for policy changes that would require Immigration and Customs Enforcement to release all detained illegal immigrants. The organization has received over $10 million in direct funding from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

The information posted at shows that the contract was increased last month to $164 million and has been authorized to go to as much as $198.5 million before it expires in March.

The Vera Institute has also received money directly from the Department of Justice. DOJ has awarded the organization five additional contracts worth at least $38.6 million to pay for lawyers’ fees for illegals as well as an “immigration help desk.”

Reporting also indicates that HHS used part of a $2 billion allocation for health initiatives. HHS redirected that funding last year to be spent on issues related to the crisis at the country’s southern border.

Last month, a Spokesperson for the Vera Institute told Fox News that the organization works on behalf of immigrant children “placed into court proceedings” seeking to deport them from the United States. Since they might have a legal basis to argue to remain inside the country, the organization spends the “vast majority” of its funding to pay for subcontracting with lawyers to provide legal services to the immigrant children.

Andrzejewski pointed out that illegal immigrants are not citizens entitled under the Constitution to public defenders. He said that the funding given to the Vera Institute amounts to a massive “workaround to US law.” Even though there is no legal basis to provide attorneys for illegal immigrants, taxpayers are on the hook for their legal bills.