Biden Has Just Committed the United States to War

In the eyes of many Americans, Joe Biden has fallen short of the commitments he made when being sworn into office.

As president, it is Biden’s sworn duty to uphold the laws of the land. However, he has repeatedly declined to do this on the US-Mexico border. States like Texas and Arizona have been forced to take matters into their own hands as the federal government sits on the sidelines.

When Biden was running for president, he made a commitment to “build back better.” Meanwhile, Biden’s done the opposite of what he promised in less than two years on the job.

Life is more challenging, stressful, and unaffordable in Biden’s America, thanks to problems with the US economy.

While the president has not met the commitments mentioned above, he recently promised that America will go to war if Taiwan is invaded.

Another Dark Chapter For the United States
There is a real possibility that the independent island of Taiwan will come under attack by the Chinese government. On multiple occasions, China has expressed its view that Taiwan is Chinese property and thus theirs for the taking.

China also happens to be significantly larger than Taiwan. Amid news that the communist country is thinking about moving in on Taiwan, Biden was questioned by a reporter about the matter during his visit to Asia.

During a press conference before the entire world, the US president committed our nation to go to war. According to Biden, if Taiwan does happen to come under siege from China, then American troops will be deployed accordingly.

After saying the US troops will go to war with China (if the latter attacks Taiwan), Biden claimed this was the “commitment” made by America previously.

Response From the Chinese Government
After Biden committed to America going to war with China, it didn’t take long for the regime to issue a response.

The nation’s foreign ministry spokesperson blasted Biden, noting China’s “opposition” to his promise.

Later, in additional remarks, the communist regime confirmed that it’s not willing to make any type of “compromise” regarding its “core interests.”

The White House later claimed that Biden’s statements about America going to war with China haven’t changed since October 2021. During this time, the president also noted that if Taiwan were invaded by China, the United States would come to its defense.

As news of Biden’s remarks spread here in America, the president was heavily criticized for committing US troops to war.