Biden Loves to Punish Citizens and His Gun Policy Is No Different

President Biden has a gift for articulating and enacting public policy that results in making Americans worse off and less free. His administration is in freefall and their internal polling must be worse than the very friendly media polls which have Biden at historic lows. 54% of Americans think that Scranton Joe will go down as one of the worst Presidents in history. This is after only a little more than one year in the office.

As inflation and gas prices continue to climb the administration is desperate to make a pivot. Blaming Putin for everything is not working so the President has started talking tough on crime. No doubt we are in the middle of a policing crisis in America. The defund the police movement, Antifa riots, and the uptick in violence against first responders have created a public perception of skyrocketing crime. The numbers back up that perception. In typical Biden fashion, this week the President offered a solution in search of a problem by targeting so-called “ghost guns.”

Five minutes of thinking and some common sense tells you that an incredibly small number of crimes are committed with guns that are legally purchased. Ghost guns as a class are an incredibly small percentage of firearms used to commit a crime. Only 3.3% of illegal guns seized in New York City in 2021 did not have serial numbers and 9 out of 10 criminals nationally buy their guns on the black market. More gun control regulations will not attack the root of the problem which is criminals who buy ir guns illegally. Add progressive District Attorneys who are soft on crime and blue states like California letting people out of prison early and you can see the roots of the rising crime problem.

Making it harder for citizens to purchase firearms only makes more victims, not fewer criminals. The end goal, as always, is gun confiscation. Professional election loser Beto O’Rourke once famously said “Hell yes, we are going to take your AR-15.” He briefly backtracked on that statement realizing it does not poll well in Texas. No one believes him, and no one believes Joe Biden will stop with ‘ghost guns’ if he can get away with it. If it hurts American Citizens, Joe Biden and the democrats are all for it.