Biden Made No Effort To Restore His Failing Presidency

Biden’s terrible handling of crises has kept his popularity rating hovering around 40%. It puts Democrats up for possibly disastrous defeats in the midterm elections in November. He pretended that his first year in office had been a great success and attempted to market a dead agenda. Biden did not attempt to alter the course of his administration fundamentally.

Moreover, President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address was mainly well received by both parties, as he defended his record on spending and international aid to the US. Biden started a lengthy defense of the billions of dollars in spending initiatives he signed into law last year as part of the “COVID-relief” package and the infrastructure law.

Instead of stating the bill’s name, he referred to it as his “plan to battle inflation,” claiming it would slash expenses and eliminate deficits. In actuality, government subsidies have little effect on actual pricing and his plan would increase the deficit by $160 billion. After a few seconds, Biden advocated for a $15 minimum wage.

Furthermore, the problem of face masks was a significant topic of President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address. The CDC has re-evaluated their masking guideline in the United States, with no underlying change in the frequency of illnesses. The CDC claimed last week that 70 percent of the country was at low risk of ripping off their masks. Biden emphasized the necessity of in-person classroom visits and the country’s capacity to remove masks.

Hundreds of thousands of people have perished from COVID in the last year and there have been many large outbreaks. His shift in tone has nothing to do with “progress” but rather with the reality that Democrats lost a race in Virginia and polling continues to show that Unending restrictions are damaging democrats.