Biden ‘Nominates’ Jackson For Supreme Court With ‘Advice’ Of Black Lives Matter Board Member

Joe Biden has decided to nominate Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court to replace Justice Stephen Breyer. In holding to his campaign promise to nominate the first black woman to the court, Biden relied on the advice of Minyon Moore in making his decision about the nomination.

Jackson, 51, currently sits as a judge on the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. In a tweet announcing Jackson’s nomination, Biden referred to her as “one of our nation’s brightest legal minds.” Jackson was reportedly one of three candidates personally interviewed by Biden.

Biden announced on February 3 that he would be relying on Moore’s advice regarding the nomination. She is an open advocate of Critical Race Theory in education, and a Black Lives Matter board member.

The White House stated in a press release that Moore is a “top public affairs strategist and organizer.” The statement said she would “mobilize a nationwide engagement” regarding the nomination, focusing on finding a candidate the Senate can confirm. Moore previously served inside the Clinton Administration and has acted as CEO of the Democratic National Committee.

The White House did not disclose Moore’s position as a director of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation or as a vocal proponent of Critical Race Theory. The Washington Examiner reported that Moore had admitted to weekly conferences with prominent CRT scholar and lawyer Kimberlé Crenshaw.

In a recent public discussion with Crenshaw, Moore asked how progressive leftist activists can fight against educational agendas in opposition to Critical Race Theory. About new Republican Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin’s executive acts against CRT, Moore asked Crenshaw to “please tell us” how to fight back.

In a statement to the Examiner, White House spokesman Andrew Bates said that Biden is “proud to have Minyon Moore on his team” and said that he would also be seeking the recommendations of both Republicans and Democrats in the Senate.

A spokesperson for the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation told Fox News that Moore has “ceased all involvement” regarding her work with BLM during part of the “White House confirmation team.” Likewise, the White House said that Moore would not work for other organizations while advising Biden.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will now schedule confirmation hearings for Jackson. Committee Chair Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) described her as an extraordinary candidate in a press release Friday and said the committee will immediately move forward with a “careful, fair, and professional approach.”