Biden Nominates Radical U.S. Attorney Who Has Refused To Prosecute Drug Dealers

President Joe Biden nominated Rachel Rollins on July 26 to become the U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts to lead the federal prosecutor’s office in Boston. Rollins is currently acting as the district attorney for Suffolk County.

Rollins is a progressive and activist state prosecutor who opposes prosecutions of drug dealers and has worked with a group that promotes defunding police departments. She has been described by The Heritage Foundation as “the grand dame of the rogue prosecutor movement when it comes to her non-prosecution practices.”

She is claimed to have adopted a non-prosecution policy of at least 15 crimes in Massachusetts state courts, including resisting arrest, shoplifting, theft under $250, receiving stolen property, drug possession, and trespassing.

As described by The Heritage Foundation, under Rollins’ prosecution policies, “in Boston, a violent career felon can break into your home, be in possession of cocaine, plan to distribute that cocaine to others, and resist arrest after you call the police, and all the charges will be ‘outright dismissed,’ so long as the reason he broke into your house and terrified your family was because he wanted ‘to sleep’ or was ‘seeking refuge from the cold.”

Rollins is one of several district attorneys who have been promoted in their election campaigns by progressive billionaire George Soros, who has used donations to attempt changes in prosecutors’ offices around the country.

Rollins partnered in 2020 with two other district attorneys promoted by Soros to create the Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation Commission. That commission is modeled after organizations designed to deal with apartheid in South Africa and has described the American justice system’s treatment of minorities as “a cruel and oppressive force of injustice.”

Rollins also had the support in creating the new organization of the Grassroots Law Project. That group calls for police reform that “must begin with defunding police and investing in communities” and also demands that prisons and jails be closed.

Rollins was investigated by the Massachusetts attorney general over an incident that occurred last Christmas Eve, in which Rollins was alleged to have threatened a motorist who cut her off in traffic. Rollins allegedly used police lights on her government-owned vehicle to pull the other motorist over.

When a reporter asked Rollins about the incident, Rollins said, “I’ll call the police on you and make an allegation, and we’ll see how that works with you.”

Rollins was subsequently cleared of any criminal, civil rights, or prosecutorial ethics violations.

Biden’s nomination of Rollins comes as the White House has been brushing aside claims that Democrats have been anti-police and prosecuting crime. Last week, Biden accused Republicans of lying about Democrats’ support of the movement to defund police departments.