Biden Reaches 40-Year Approval Low

President Joe Biden has the lowest approval rating of any president in the last two generations, according to a new poll. The survey is potentially bad news for the president as he struggles in head-to-head matchups against former President Donald Trump.

to Gallup, Biden has the lowest approval rating of any leader in their third year since former President Jimmy Carter. The only potential silver lining for Biden is that his approval rating is up slightly. He reached a low in October and November of 37% and currently stands at an anemic 39%.

Biden struggles with the lowest approval rating of his modern peers. At this point in their presidencies, former Presidents George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter all had approvals above 50%.

Biden also is behind Trump, who registered a 45% approval rating at this point of his presidency. Of the last eight presidents, Biden’s approval rating at this point of his presidency was at its lowest.

Furthermore, the Gallup survey showed low approvals for Biden on a number of issues. He currently struggles with voters on the topic of the economy. A full 68% of the public said that the economy is currently getting worse, with only 28% saying that it is getting better. Furthermore, 45% of voters currently rate the economy as “poor.”

Only 3% of Americans say that the economy is currently “excellent.”

Biden’s low approval rating comes after several polls showed him losing valuable demographic groups to Trump. This includes some that show him trailing among younger voters, older voters and White voters.

Similar surveys have also shown tepid support for the president among Black and Hispanic voters, as well.

The news comes on the eve of the primary election season. While Biden does not have a serious challenger, Trump maintains a healthy lead over his rivals. The Democratic coalition behind Biden appears to be showing signs of fraying, while Trump appears to be consolidating support.

Trump has also gained considerable support among crucial independent voters. He also leads in most polls of swing states.