Biden Says 2024 Hope Is For Vacation

President Joe Biden said last week that his hope for 2024 was to return to a Caribbean nation for vacation. The news came after Biden vacationed in St. Croix, in the U.S. Virgin Islands for Christmas.

Biden spent the Christmas season on the tropical island with his family. When asked about his New Year’s resolution for 2024 he said it was to “come back next year.” When asked about further resolutions, he said that returning to St. Croix was “the biggest one right here.”

He further joked with reporters, apologizing for making the reporters come down to the vacation hotspot.

The president appeared to enjoy himself on the trip, traveling to dinner with his wife and granddaughter at a seafood restaurant. He spoke to some of the patrons during the meal.

The trip came as Biden reportedly spent much of his first three years on vacation. The Republican National Committee tabulated that the persident spent 417 days of his presidency so far on holiday, which is almost 40% of his term. This figure was significantly higher than his two predecessors, both former Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

The president may get what he wishes for. Recent approval and election polls showed that a majority of the American public was concerned about his fitness to serve and his job performance.

The concern about Biden’s time on vacation came after a number of polls last year showing that the majority of the American public was concerned about the 81-year-old president’s age and fitness for office.

Among the polls. last year, one Reuters/Ipsos poll showed that 77% of Americans said that Biden was too old to be president, which includes 65% of Democrats. Furthermoer, when asked about Biden’s ability to serve effectively, only 39% of the general public said that he had the mental sharpness for the job.

Despite the significant doubts about Biden’s ability to serve, the American public does not share the same doubts for Trump.