Biden Says ‘Kids Can Stay In Schools’ And Use Precautions Against COVID-19

In a surprise message that’s almost certainly about polling, President Joe Biden says that schools should remain open even as the COVID-19 variant Omicron is surging in a large amount of the United States. The switch seems unsettling to some, but given Biden’s dropping poll numbers, it’s nice to see that the president’s handlers have some sense of decency regarding children and COVID-19.

Please don’t get too settled into thinking it’s all good because the COVID-19 vaccine mandates are still looming over everyone’s head, especially with the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals reversing the ban on the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. It could be a step to force children to get the COVID-19 vaccine to stay in school. If the Biden Administration gives parents the choice of vaccines as the only way for kids to stay in school, parents may have to make a difficult choice.

If that goes into effect, you can ensure that many parents will choose alternative schools that will not push an experimental vaccine on their children. Children have been largely safe even when they’ve contracted COVID-19. Six hundred sixty-eight people aged 0-17 have died with COVID-19, and 62.9% of children hospitalized with COVID-19 had underlying medical conditions.

Biden said that K-12 schools need to stay open and know how to keep children safe. The plan is to keep masking children safe from a virus with an extreme survivability rate.

Biden said, “Schools should be safer than ever from COVID-19. And just Friday, the CDC issued a test-to-stay guideline so that schools can stay open and kids can stay in class even if a classmate tests positive.”

Honestly, how many asymptomatic children have already been going to school? With the number of COVID-19 tests in short supply, it’s going to be difficult for schools to test every child.

Biden also said, “COVID-19 is scary, but the science is clear: children are as safe in school as they are anyplace, assuming appropriate precautions have been taken.”

Biden is still just as delusional as he’s ever been and doesn’t take this positive note as a progression of rational thinking. If Biden could force children to take the COVID-19 vaccine, then he would. Look at what he’s doing to Americans across the nation. People are losing their jobs, and Biden, nor other Governors, Mayors, or local politicians care about you, so don’t get it mixed up that they’ll care if you’re healthy or not. They don’t.