Biden Setting Aside Trump’s Efforts To Keep Abortion Services Out Of Taxpayer-Funded Clinics

This week, the Biden administration began working to erase President Trump’s efforts to keep abortion services out of taxpayer-funded clinics throughout the country. The Trump administration prohibited facilities performing abortions from receiving federal funding through the Title X family planning program.

It was also required that any services provided with public funds, including pregnancy tests, physically transmitted disease tests, and birth control materials, be kept “physically and financially” separated from any abortion facilities. The Trump policy also prevented those facilities from providing direct referrals to abortion providers. 

As a result of the Trump policies, Planned Parenthood elected to stop participating in the program.

Biden’s Secretary of Health and Human Services is California’s Xavier Becerra, a long history of being a radical abortion activist. Becerra wanted to clarify that family planning clinics would provide “accurate information and referrals” to patients under the new funding policy.

The Biden White House produced a memo earlier this year that asserted the Trump ban put women’s health “at-risk” because it made it more difficult for them to “receive complete medical information.” The administration’s new changes will mean that taxpayer funds will fund abortion facilities beginning November 8.

Assistant HHS Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine described the change in policy as a progressive step in providing “quality family planning services” to more women.

Pro-life advocates are universally calling the new policies detrimental to public health. Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser issued a statement saying that the “strong majority” of Americans oppose public funding of abortion on demand. She added that abortion takes innocent human life and should not be described as “family planning.”

Dannenfelser added that the Biden administration is working to “pay back the abortion lobby” that contributed millions of dollars to the campaign to put Biden in office.