Biden Shows Little Interest In Protecting Americans

Joe Biden is beginning to receive increased criticism for his administration’s approach to China and its shadowy communist government. Gordon Chang with the Gatestone Institute challenged Biden recently over his failure to carry out his most essential duty in office, protecting American citizens.

Chang wrote that Biden is derelict in his duty to protect Americans from foreign attack, citing China’s role in COVID-19 and fentanyl deaths in the U.S. The author of “The Coming Collapse of China” added that Biden allows a foreign nation to “murder Americans with no penalty.”

According to the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, the virus originating in China has killed more than 800,000 Americans. The Chinese Communist Party lied about the nature and transmissibility of COVID-19 and pressured countries around the globe to allow its citizens to come across their borders even as China locked down incoming travel. Chang wrote that China’s government has directly led to over 5.3 million deaths internationally.

Even though Biden understands that China is a “bad actor” regarding COVID, according to Chang, he is not interested in “getting to the bottom” of the problem. He cited Biden’s refusal to discuss the virus’s concerns with Chinese dictator Xi Jinping during phone calls or video conferences.

In exploring possible reasons why Chang explores the financial connections between Biden’s family and Chinese business interests and Biden’s own “benign view” of communism as practiced in China.

While serving as vice president, Biden took his son Hunter along on Air Force Two to visit China. It has since been revealed that Hunter became involved in significant commercial deals with Chinese organizations after that.

In a speech in July marking the centennial of communist rule in China, Xi said that China is not only “good at taking down the old world” but is also “good at building a new one.” Biden appears disinterested in China’s stated goals and its actions, including its military buildup, theft of intellectual property, and support of terrorists internationally.

Chang warned that the “next disease from China” could be more dangerous and enable “specific ethnic genetic” warfare.