Biden Still Claims A ‘Pandemic Of Unvaccinated People’ Occupying Hospital Beds

President Joe Biden’s ability to cause you to dislike him when he’s out of the spotlight and while he’s addressing the nation is impeccable. He never fails to make you wish he had never won the election and surprised the country with his absolute lack of leadership. But are we stunned? 2021 can be described as the year of “I told you so.”

Biden doesn’t believe anyone should choose not to get the COVID-19 vaccine, but he couldn’t be more wrong. There’s a sincerely held religious belief that you shouldn’t inject anything into your body that used fetal cells in its development process, and guess what? The COVID-19 vaccine did that. Of course, Pfizer doesn’t want anyone to know about it, and they’ve actively tried to hide it.

Then, there’s a medical exception that many have discovered after receiving the first COVID-19 vaccine out of the two required for complete vaccination. Should that exempt someone from society, though? It seems cruel to disallow someone into a restaurant because they had a severe reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine or chose not to get it. We live in a society where the Democrat party has allowed this type of segregation, and they encourage it.

During Biden’s January 4th, 2022 COVID-19 meeting, he said, “We’re going to see, as you all have been hearing, continued rise in cases.” Of course, we are. We’ve been seeing it for weeks, and with Omicron coming in, doing its thing, and leaving, we’re going to see more of it before it gets better.

Biden also said, “The unvaccinated are taking up hospital beds and crowding emergency rooms and intensive care units. That’s a place where other people will need access to those hospitals.”

So, it’s not okay to go to the hospital if you need to? Is that really what the president is getting at? There’s something called freedom of choice in this country. Particularly freedom of medical choice. Just as the government can’t force someone to get a gender change, they can’t force them to get the COVID-19 vaccine which is irreversible. COVID-19 is survivable. There’s a 98.6% survivability rate across all demographics.

In his unlawful manner of speaking, Biden added, “So, there is no excuse for anyone being unvaccinated. It continues to be a pandemic of the unvaccinated. So we have to make more progress.”

No, Biden. We don’t. The vaccine is available, and you already said there are plenty of shots for anyone who wants one, but you have to understand that not everyone does. Many people live healthy lives and aren’t affected by COVID-19 even if they get sick with the worst variant. Millions of people have already gotten COVID-19 and have antibodies, especially with Omicron.

Biden was initially going to be the president of unity. That’s what Biden campaigned on, and that’s what he constantly reminded everyone of. The President who’s occupying the White House at this moment isn’t the one who said that the United States needs unity. He’s acting the opposite by trying to segregate unvaccinated people from vaccinated. The truth is, nobody should know anyone else’s vaccine status. It’s a private matter between a doctor and a patient.