Biden Obviously Disregards Question About $450,000 Cash Installments To Illegals

During his just-concluded European junket, Joe Biden used some orchestrated press appearances to do last-minute campaigning for Terry McAuliffe’s disastrous run for Virginia governor and public relations for his founding “Build Back Better” spending package. However, he brushed off questions from Peter Doocy with Fox News about the administration’s new proposed handout for illegal aliens.

Of course, Doocy was not part of the carefully selected group of “journalists” pre-approved to throw softball questions at Biden. He had to do his best to wrangle an answer out of Biden while the president was escaping the press event on an escalator.

Doocy shouted a question out at Biden, asking if it is true that the federal government is proposing to give $450,000 in cash to illegal aliens “who are separated.” To no one’s surprise, Biden didn’t answer. He gave a puzzled look, scratched his head, and continued down the escalator.

Biden has an established track record of giving the press minimal access to only a select group of friendly members of the corporate media. Reporters have rushed away from the president, sometimes seemingly in mid-sentence. In the rare event that a substantive question gets thrown at him, he either ignores it entirely or throws back a “C’mon, man.”

The reported Biden administration plan to give $450,000 per person to illegal immigrants who were separated from family members when President Trump was in office ignores the reality that the only reason anyone was separated at the U.S. border was that they attempted to enter the country illegally.

The proposed payments would likely exceed the payments made by the federal government to Gold Star families and the survivors of those killed on September 11. The payments are being considered a result of a lawsuit filed by civil rights groups and could cost taxpayers around $1 billion.

Advocates for the families of 9/11 victims issued a statement saying that the news of the proposed payments came as a “shock” as they are still working to have the federal government fund payments to victims who have been wrongfully denied compensation. The group September 11 Advocates said that the situation is “an outrage.”