Biden’s Ability To Handle China’s Leader Is Questionable

Since Joe Biden got into office, he has consistently embarrassed America on the world stage.

Just last year, the president allowed the United States to lose a decades-long war on terror in Afghanistan. On top of this, Biden let 13 US troops die while handing the Taliban US military weapons and a return to power.

On Biden’s watch, Russian President Vladimir Putin is making threats against the West, openly and brazenly. Most Americans can agree this never would have happened with former President Trump in office.

Meanwhile, Biden has shown a grim level of subservience to China. Somehow, a portion of America’s strategic petroleum reserves landed in the hands of the Chinese this year.

On top of this, Biden is pushing for mandatory electric vehicle usage in the United States, marking yet another policy that would favor the Chinese.

As Chinese President Xi Jinping gets more powerful, questions emerge about how — or if — Biden will stand up to him and lead America with strength.

Not Looking Good
Xi’s time in power is pushing two decades.

As the Chinese president gets closer and closer to this mark, he is eager to assert his nation’s dominance on the world stage. This includes forcing his predecessor out of power and growing increasingly aggressive against Taiwan.

Biden, on the other hand, has yet to show even an inkling of strength on America’s behalf. He will not stand up for American workers against the Chinese in the way that Trump did.

Meanwhile, as Xi becomes more powerful, he is making veiled threats against the United States. As China struggles with claiming Taiwan as its own, Xi’s administration accused America of aiming to “suppress and contain” his communist regime.

During a speech, Xi even stated that those seeking to “suppress and contain” his country will have to be “dealt with.”

All in all, it remains unclear how Biden will keep America as the world’s dominant political and economic player. This will involve maintaining the trust of our allies, while also letting our enemies know that America isn’t to be messed with. In both areas, the president repeatedly falls short.

Biden’s History With Xi
When Biden and Xi were each vice presidents in their own nations, the pair met and traveled together on multiple occasions. While Biden may be banking on this relationship to help him deal with China going forward, the world has changed considerably since 2011 and 2012.

If Biden fails to smarten up and become more strategic in foreign policy, there is no telling what China may do next.