Biden’s Approval Rating Has Dipped to 36%

With the midterm elections coming up, the standing of a president makes a huge difference. Generally, when a president has low approval ratings, their party tends to lose seats in Congress.

This is exactly what Democrats are scared of. With razor-thin majorities in the House and Senate, Democrats want to expand their seats, rather than lose out to Republicans. Meanwhile, polls show, at the very least, Democrats are highly likely to lose the House.

Despite his best efforts, Joe Biden isn’t really doing his party any favors. His various divisive comments about “MAGA Republicans” have backfired. New polling also shows the president’s approval rating dipped to barely above 30%.

The Latest on Joe Biden’s Approval Rating
According to new data from Grinnell College National Poll, 51% of Americans do not approve of Biden’s leadership. Meanwhile, only 36% of the nation confirmed they favor the job Biden’s doing thus far.

More information from a new Gallup poll doesn’t bode well for the president either. 67% of the country agrees Biden is to blame for America is on the wrong track. At the same time, only 35% of left-leaning voters and Democrats want Biden to continue on as the Democratic nominee in 2024.

Despite lower consumer confidence levels, a consistently declining GDP, and even growing numbers of layoffs, the White House continues to deny the nation is in the middle of a recession. Yet, polling shows only 35% of Americans believe the Biden administration’s claims that a recession isn’t here.

77% of Americans agree the current economy is in poor standing. Amongst Independent voters, an increasingly important demographic in elections, 51% agree the current state of the economy is not good.

Business as Usual
For over a year, polls have clearly shown where Americans are most frustrated with the current president. Yet, he just won’t pay attention.

If the Biden administration seriously wanted to improve the president’s ratings, they’d make different decisions on the economy and other pressing issues. Though Biden and his team refuse.

Instead, their strategy has been to largely ignore these critical issues and then deny their existence after being confronted. This doesn’t make life better or easier for Americans. However, it certainly does give people motivation to vote against Biden’s favored candidates in November.