Biden’s Border Crisis Gives GOP A Shot At Winning Border Seat

Republicans have a real chance of securing their first win in South Texas. Many believe it’s because the district’s Democratic congressman retired early. However, the real reason behind this future victory will be Biden’s failure at controlling illegal immigration across the border.

Texas’ 34the congressional district should have been out of reach for Republicans because it’s a seat that the Democrats have won time and again by wide margins, as reported by Texas Monthly. The early resignation of Rep. Filemon Vela paved the way for GOP member Fayra Flores, to secure the future win.

She’s a healthcare worker whose parents were Mexican farmers. Whilst being an immigrant herself, she’s married to a border patrol official. She tailored her campaign theme around border security, knowing that it’ll give her a chance at winning.

Flores is of the belief that illegal immigration paves the way for human and child trafficking whilst affecting the lives of American citizens as well. She encourages legal immigration and speaks out against the silence of Democrats in South Texas over border security issues. Democrats right now are neither supporting Border Patrol officers nor the law enforcement in the state.

Currently serving as the Hidalgo County GOP Hispanic Outreach Chair, Flores is also very active on social network platforms and hopes to capture the votes of the Hispanics in the border districts. Her competition is against Rep. Vicente Gonzalez Jr., who currently represents the district in the House of Representatives.

When both Gonzales and his fellow Texas Democratic Representative criticized Biden’s efforts toward the immigration crisis, one thing became clear. It was highlighted that border security would play a very important role in both special elections and general elections in the district.

According to Center Square, Gonzales has openly expressed concerns about how the current administration is lacking when trying to maintain law and order in regard to legal immigration. He believes that the administration should do more to help the communities in these districts.

However, the sentiment of the public is already leaning in favor of the opposition, which may give Republicans a reason to celebrate the upcoming special election.